Squeaky Bum Time

It’s often been said that I’d make somebody a great husband with my awesome domestic skills and now it’s time to make that official. As of tomorrow I’ll be made an honest man and will be married to our Ellie. Time has a got a rocket up its arse, I can’t believe how fast everything has come around!

5th Order wise, everything is wrapped up nicely and we’ve ended on a huge high, our last band practise was incredibly good! We are on a break for a while now with the wedding happening tomorrow and then a two week honeymoon. Don’t worry though, I am almost certain there will be lots of pics uploaded to our page of us boys having a good time at the wedding! I’ll be leaving the Facebook page in the capable hands of Dave and John (Chris is far to cool for Facebook). So drop em a message and have a chat, they will love you for it!

I keep getting asked if I am nervous about getting married and I can honestly say I am not, whether the nerves kick in tomorrow, who knows, but for now I am more excited than anything! It’s going to be a happy day, just what everyone needs from time to time as we all know that life likes to throw a rate wobbly don’t it.

So for a few weeks it’s tarra from me, see you soon… behave yourselves while I’m gone won’t you! (aimed at the boys).

Joey x

Grafters… Album is out 22/08/17

Life is really very good at the moment, there is just so much going on! As you probably know I’m getting married to my lovely Ellie a week tomorrow so it’s all hands on deck in regards to that! Really excited about it! Of course we will be going on our honey moon straight after so we have been cramming in as much 5th Order work as possible before the fortnight off.

We had two really great practice sessions this week, we are really starting to make progress now. The previous sessions have been more about getting used to playing to the click tracks and actually getting the songs learnt. We have that more or less smashed now so we are starting to get our groove on and are beginning to enjoy playing the songs much more. Can you believe we have over half the album rehearsed now! My particular favourite to play at the moment is ‘Motion Owl’, you can really put some passion into the song whilst performing it, as a band we are loving it. This week we started a couple of new ones such as Chris’s ‘Doubt it’, a great, dark number that really is a beast to play. I think Chris is happy to finally get a go at singing something of his own. Rehearsing is so enjoyable now, as soon a we finish a song there is a resounding “Fuck yeah” from each of us. Morale is definitely up this week, we feel that we are really growing as musicians, the tightness is scary as Dave says!

We are close to the online release of our album ‘Motion Owl’! It will go live on all major online music services such as Itunes, Amazon, Google play, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so on. We would really appreciate your support, we need as much online traffic as we can to really get a buzz going! For you streamers, we wouls be very grateful if you could leave us a review of the album once it’s out and same goes for our current release ‘Fairy Lights in Summer’.

I’ll drop in next week just before the big day!

Peace man!

Joey x

Joey’s Stag day out!

First of all I’d like to apologies for not posting yesterday, unfortunately I received the desperately sad news about the passing of my grandmother, Dotty. We were very close, she was one of my best friends and will definitely miss winding her up! So today I’m feeling a bit raw but the show must go on!

Anyway, onto this weeks blog! On Monday we ventured down Nottingham to celebrate my stag. Myself, Chris, Dave, Ollie, Andy, my Dad, Rob, Liam and Merv had an absolutely brilliant day on the piss – obviously. Chris, being my best man had the pub crawl itinerary all planned out…predominantly whetherspoons. He’s knows that we are all tight fuckers like he is. The only time that we ventured from said itinerary is when old boy Merv suggested that we pop in and have one in the ‘Coach & Horses’. He said “oh its great in there, very lively, good atmosphere and karaoke and that.” Well, we went for it didn’t we. Quickest pint I’ve ever had! Rob said “It’s permanently 10pm on a Saturday in here!” Bare in mind that it was 4pm on a Monday! Us folk that work are obviously doing it all wrong. The day went on and we got through every spoons in Notts, steadily getting more and more hammered. John smiths turned into Gin and then that turned into rum. Oh how I love rum. Me and Liam drank enough to match Captain Jack Sparrow. It went on and on until we ended up breaking into song “Let’s Mervin Gay and get it on”.

Lets call it a night then boys! 😉

Lots of stuff happening band wise, more rehearsals coming up and we are going to be doing a run a t-shirts! Comment on the post on our page to get your name down for one! I best get one!

We are so grateful for you guys sharing our content! Please keep it up! It means a heck of a lot to us.

Have a great weekend guys!

Joey x

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