The Music Video

Back again! It’s scary how fast the weeks go by. We will be on our billionth blog before long! I hope you are all doing well! I’d like to thank you all for your lovely messages of support last week, I was quite down and you guys cheered me up again. Chris, Dave & John have been amazing as well this week, I’ve been struggling through but I am back fighting fit and ready for the world!

I’ve just posted a video on our Facebook page, the making of our music video to ‘Fairy Lights in Summer’. I though that this week I’d go a bit more in-depth about the whole process of it all. It was a rocky start I have to say, we had never done a music video of any kind before so as a band we didn’t really have a clue on what to do or how to do it. That’s where our John stepped in and sorted us out, he’s rate talented in this game and he came up with some mega ideas. He told us to give him some examples of our favourite kind of music video. We all agreed that we should nod to Blondie’s ‘Long Time’, we love how cool it looks! Lots of black and white with the shots from the taxi, really edgy band shots too! So with that theme in mind we left John to work his magic and come up with a story for it.

The night before the actual shoot, me and John went out in my car, which had 300 go-pros attached to the roof! Oh that reminds me, I’m chuckling while sat writing this… As john was fixing said Go-pros to the car, I mentioned that I have some footage from a friends go-pro from when he’s been out on his motorbike, he ‘had it attached to his helmet’. As soon as I said it we were both brought down with laughter paralysis. Dirty minded or what! We drove around for a few hours to capture the road and traffic shots, which turned out great! The shot of us following the Mustang was a great one! Whilst filming that, John was filming me lip-sync to the track from the back seat. Bare in mind that I have one of those new mini things, obviously not as small as a classic mini but it was still hilarious to see John squidged into the tiny back seat, lolling back and forth as we sped around corners and over bumps with endless amounts of camera tackle rolling all over the place. My driving isn’t that bad is it? Getting a steady shot was proving difficult but we got it in the end.

On the following afternoon/evening, we all met at Derby Road College for the band shoot, accompanied by our friend Jacob Dowling, who was filming the behind the scenes making of video throughout the shoot. We set up in the tv studio as we would if we were going to play a show, and performed thousands (what seemed thousands) of takes of the song, syncing to the playback. It’s all a bit weird to be singing a song as a band but not really doing anything. We were kind of silently plodding through it which was pretty strange. We got used to it pretty quickly though and you realise that you have to act a bit.

John had a great idea to chuck a load of rice onto Dave’s floor tom, you know, to get it all flying about when he’s twatting it during the intro to the song. Chris looked a bit puzzled at first, as if to say “whats this guy doing walking about with a bag of rice”. As john was pouring the rice onto Dave’s kit, Chris said “Chuck some watter on it” (a nod to a queen video I think). John doubled up laughing and eventually was able to reply “Watter?! We aren’t making a fucking rice pudding!”. This wasn’t a great start to our ‘no swearing policy’. Because we were filming everything between takes for the making of video, we had to be careful of our language. That’s difficult for us when we get together as all conversation turns into ‘pub talk’ with lots of effin n jeffin.

Do go and have a look at the ‘making of’ video, it’s on our Facebook page! Please give our Jacob some love too.

Swearing is not cool man!

Over n aaahhhht.

Joey x