Joey’s Stag day out!

First of all I’d like to apologies for not posting yesterday, unfortunately I received the desperately sad news about the passing of my grandmother, Dotty. We were very close, she was one of my best friends and will definitely miss winding her up! So today I’m feeling a bit raw but the show must go on!

Anyway, onto this weeks blog! On Monday we ventured down Nottingham to celebrate my stag. Myself, Chris, Dave, Ollie, Andy, my Dad, Rob, Liam and Merv had an absolutely brilliant day on the piss – obviously. Chris, being my best man had the pub crawl itinerary all planned out…predominantly whetherspoons. He’s knows that we are all tight fuckers like he is. The only time that we ventured from said itinerary is when old boy Merv suggested that we pop in and have one in the ‘Coach & Horses’. He said “oh its great in there, very lively, good atmosphere and karaoke and that.” Well, we went for it didn’t we. Quickest pint I’ve ever had! Rob said “It’s permanently 10pm on a Saturday in here!” Bare in mind that it was 4pm on a Monday! Us folk that work are obviously doing it all wrong. The day went on and we got through every spoons in Notts, steadily getting more and more hammered. John smiths turned into Gin and then that turned into rum. Oh how I love rum. Me and Liam drank enough to match Captain Jack Sparrow. It went on and on until we ended up breaking into song “Let’s Mervin Gay and get it on”.

Lets call it a night then boys! 😉

Lots of stuff happening band wise, more rehearsals coming up and we are going to be doing a run a t-shirts! Comment on the post on our page to get your name down for one! I best get one!

We are so grateful for you guys sharing our content! Please keep it up! It means a heck of a lot to us.

Have a great weekend guys!

Joey x

Blog dedicated to the memory of Dorothy White, gone but never ever forgotten.