The Music Video

Back again! It’s scary how fast the weeks go by. We will be on our billionth blog before long! I hope you are all doing well! I’d like to thank you all for your lovely messages of support last week, I was quite down and you guys cheered me up again. Chris, Dave & John have been amazing as well this week, I’ve been struggling through but I am back fighting fit and ready for the world!

I’ve just posted a video on our Facebook page, the making of our music video to ‘Fairy Lights in Summer’. I though that this week I’d go a bit more in-depth about the whole process of it all. It was a rocky start I have to say, we had never done a music video of any kind before so as a band we didn’t really have a clue on what to do or how to do it. That’s where our John stepped in and sorted us out, he’s rate talented in this game and he came up with some mega ideas. He told us to give him some examples of our favourite kind of music video. We all agreed that we should nod to Blondie’s ‘Long Time’, we love how cool it looks! Lots of black and white with the shots from the taxi, really edgy band shots too! So with that theme in mind we left John to work his magic and come up with a story for it.

The night before the actual shoot, me and John went out in my car, which had 300 go-pros attached to the roof! Oh that reminds me, I’m chuckling while sat writing this… As john was fixing said Go-pros to the car, I mentioned that I have some footage from a friends go-pro from when he’s been out on his motorbike, he ‘had it attached to his helmet’. As soon as I said it we were both brought down with laughter paralysis. Dirty minded or what! We drove around for a few hours to capture the road and traffic shots, which turned out great! The shot of us following the Mustang was a great one! Whilst filming that, John was filming me lip-sync to the track from the back seat. Bare in mind that I have one of those new mini things, obviously not as small as a classic mini but it was still hilarious to see John squidged into the tiny back seat, lolling back and forth as we sped around corners and over bumps with endless amounts of camera tackle rolling all over the place. My driving isn’t that bad is it? Getting a steady shot was proving difficult but we got it in the end.

On the following afternoon/evening, we all met at Derby Road College for the band shoot, accompanied by our friend Jacob Dowling, who was filming the behind the scenes making of video throughout the shoot. We set up in the tv studio as we would if we were going to play a show, and performed thousands (what seemed thousands) of takes of the song, syncing to the playback. It’s all a bit weird to be singing a song as a band but not really doing anything. We were kind of silently plodding through it which was pretty strange. We got used to it pretty quickly though and you realise that you have to act a bit.

John had a great idea to chuck a load of rice onto Dave’s floor tom, you know, to get it all flying about when he’s twatting it during the intro to the song. Chris looked a bit puzzled at first, as if to say “whats this guy doing walking about with a bag of rice”. As john was pouring the rice onto Dave’s kit, Chris said “Chuck some watter on it” (a nod to a queen video I think). John doubled up laughing and eventually was able to reply “Watter?! We aren’t making a fucking rice pudding!”. This wasn’t a great start to our ‘no swearing policy’. Because we were filming everything between takes for the making of video, we had to be careful of our language. That’s difficult for us when we get together as all conversation turns into ‘pub talk’ with lots of effin n jeffin.

Do go and have a look at the ‘making of’ video, it’s on our Facebook page! Please give our Jacob some love too.

Swearing is not cool man!

Over n aaahhhht.

Joey x

Our story so far…

June 2017

Nine months old we are, not quite time for happy birthday but it feels like we have been in this band forever, that’s because we are having such a great time obviously! Being in an original band is really something different, it is so much of a challenge trying to promote our music, we are learning something new everyday! It is a bit of a minefield strategy wise, some things work, some do not but ho-hum it’s all trial and error – we will get there!

I’ll tell you our story from when we founded 5th Order in October 2016. I had a random text message from out of nowhere from our Chris (Bassist) saying that it would be a great idea to have a side project, something to make for our own enjoyment. “Or8 dude, fancy starting an original band, b nice ta mek n album for oursens ay”. Of course I said yes and Dave (drummer) was roped in with immediate effect and with little choice. Seconds after replying to said text message I began to write songs – frantically! It was really strange because I had only written one song in seven years, “For the Love Of Amy (Out Of Time). In the void of time where I had not even attempted to write anything, I had no reason to write, I had seemingly much better things to do and little inspiration to motivate me onto the creative path. It’s bizarre to think that one simple text message can make you give up all of your time, drop everything and write a whole album (and beyond) in just under seven months. All of a sudden I had something to write for, and that ‘Void of dead time’ was actually spent touring the country with our covers act ‘Last Stand’ which has filled my head with buckets of inspiration. Growing as a musician in that time certainly played it’s part too. Chris and Dave are fantastic writers, both have great vision in where a song needs to go, where as I could easily turn a pop/rock song into a forty minute prog song if left to my own devises.

The name

A few days after receiving this almost life changing text from our Chris, the three of us met at the Dandy Cock pub (cupboard) in Kirkby to form a plan. The dreaded debate over our band name ensued. Anybody in a band will know that thinking of a band name is the hardest part and possibly the most crucial decision ever! Can it be spelled easily? Will people remember it? Can they search it on Facebook?

We ended up with a shortlist of three names, one each which was fair. Chris’s name was ‘5th Order’, Dave’s was ‘In Our Image’ and mine was ‘Motion Owl’. The winner is obvious and apparent now, we all loved 5th Order, it sounds a little dark and mean doesn’t it? We are generally moody by nature. Not entirely sure where Chris thought of the name, probably something to do with a Logic pa crossover or something (he’s a gear geek).

‘Motion Owl’ also won! We decided that it sounded much more like a song or album title and we loved the pun on ’emotional’. Not that we are an emo band in any way, we totally understand that music must form an emotional connection with the listener, it must engage in some way.

Our conversation in the pub soon drifted way off topic and headed of into the typical dream world of every unsigned original band out there. “Glastonbury next year? We could end up on Jools Holland”  – That all being said while snorting with laughter into a pint of mild. We are under no illusion that this project is going to take everything we have, it’s going to need tons of hard work. It’s a good job we love it! We could go five albums in without a sniff but who gives a shit? We are loving it, and so are our friends and family. There is a buzz about the band and it’s something I’ve never really felt with any other project.

We recently sold off fifty signed copies of our album as a pre-sale, this worked so well! We were only expecting to sell a few but we sold out! We are blown away by the support from our fans, we cannot wait to share more! Playing our songs live will do it for me, I am literally bursting to perform! Good thing we have our first rehearsal on Monday isn’t it!

So for now I just want to thank you lovely people for getting involved and buying into us and our music! Your support is everything! As for our latest followers on Facebook and Instagram, welcome to the family!

A special mention to our manager Mr John Davey, he is an absolute legend and working so hard for us! Give him some love on the Facebook poking machine. He would like that.

Next week I will tell you all about the making of the album!

Tarra ducks,




It’s showtime! 3 tips for band practise.

Shit the bed! It only seems like a few days ago since the lovely lads of Brotherhood asked us to support them at a super secret(at the time) show at Rescue Rooms. Now it’s only a few days away! Yesterday we headed off to the rehearsal room, strapped on our guitars and grabbed the drumsticks for the last time before the big show. How are we feeling? Well, 80% major excitement and 20% squeaky bum time but thats all good. It’s healthy to be nervous in some degree before something as great as this show, it keeps you on your game! Having said that, we feel ready, and I mean super duper tight as a ducks arse ready! We couldn’t be happier with how the band is sounding right now. Not only are the songs tight but they come alive, they build, they decay, they climax and they leave you feeling good!

About the show itself, the doors will open at 6pm and Kelsey Shaw will be opening up the evening from about 7pm ish. Those little sausages of 5th Order 😉 will be hitting the stage from around 7.35pm and then Brotherhood after 8.30pm. Do arrive as early as you can so you don’t miss any of the action. Remember that the show is SOLD OUT so it will be tight at the gig and probably a bit sweaty so come dressed nice as casual.

On the night, we will have CD copies of our album for sale on the merch stand so go grab one if you don’t own one already.

All info is posted by Matt in the Brotherhood facebook group, so hang around on there if you need anything.

Are you ready?

Joey x


Here are some tips on how to smash band practise.

1.Practise every aspect of the show

Our last few rehearsals over the past month or so have been pretty straight forward as most of the technical work had been completed some time ago and we had the structure of each song perfected. So recently its been a case of just rattling through the set as we would on the night, over and over and over again until it almost bores you. Thats when you know that you can play them on ‘autopilot’ and focus on putting on a show. We even practise walking on and off stage to the intro and outros to get the timing right. We also rehearse everything that we are going to say between songs. Everything is choreographed to some extent. Trust me it feels very weird doing this and you feel like a right bellend in the practise room but it is definitely worth the embarrassment in rehearsal to avoid embarrassment on the night.

2. Film every single session

This is so important, there is so much you can learn from watching back each session because over time you can see the overall improvement of the band, very satisfying to watch! You can also spot mistakes that might be difficult to notice when you are actually playing. Getting a good idea of what the band will look like on stage is a really powerful asset to have. You don’t have to go fancy with this either, just a smartphone propped up somewhere is fine. We are currently toying with filming our sessions on a DSLR and recording the audio from the usb recording function of our Yamaha desk. This can double up as content for social media!

3. Get together more often

It’s easy enough to understand that the more you practise the better you will be, practise makes perfect after all. For a covers band, practising once or twice per week is fine, and you can even drop practise altogether if you are gigging all weekend, every weekend and only rehearse when your learning new material. For Originals, it’s a different kettle of little fishies. Let’s say you are a post punk band (like ourselves). You are essentially competing with the like of Editors, White lies etc. I think those guys rehearse for more than 2 hours once a fortnight. Get together and play as a band as often as possible. I know it’s hard to find time, we’ve all got work and family’s and all that shit.

What I would say though, in my opinion shorter and more frequent sessions of 3 hours or so are better than huge day long sessions once in a blue moon. I don’t know if you have played a les paul for more than 3 hours in one go but my god it’s back breaking. Kills your mood. Take a coffee break halfway through each session and have a natter, talk shit and mess about for 5 minutes, loosen up.

Let’s hear your tips for a great rehearsal session,

Comment below!





Let the Owl fly! Motion Owl Out Now!

We are so immensely proud to say that our debut album, Motion Owl, is out and available to the whole entire world thanks to modern technology and distribution companies. This time last year we would have never thought that we’d have a proper, actual album out so this is pretty special for us. To be able to share music that you have created, and have people dig it, is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

The whole process up to this point has been so much fun, creating this album was a joy! The hard part comes now, pushing it!

We need you guys more than ever now, I know that we all have little time but we would be so grateful if you would at least just have a nosey onto the iTunes page and listen to the previews. If you like it, and but it, we will literally be your family forever!

You can also stream the album on all major streaming sites (apple music, Spotify). If you do so, we’d absolutely love it if you could follow us and leave comments on our music!

Biggest of all is SHARE SHARE SHARE! It’s absolutely free to do so and takes approximately 6 seconds! This is the most important and helpful thing you can do for us! Getting music in front of new faces is hard, but if we all share it we will be onto a winner!

We have some huge news coming in the next few weeks, but you will have to wait for now… Keep your eyes peeled like little potatoes.

Right, I’d better go, got some t-shirts to design!

Joey x




Squeaky Bum Time

It’s often been said that I’d make somebody a great husband with my awesome domestic skills and now it’s time to make that official. As of tomorrow I’ll be made an honest man and will be married to our Ellie. Time has a got a rocket up its arse, I can’t believe how fast everything has come around!

5th Order wise, everything is wrapped up nicely and we’ve ended on a huge high, our last band practise was incredibly good! We are on a break for a while now with the wedding happening tomorrow and then a two week honeymoon. Don’t worry though, I am almost certain there will be lots of pics uploaded to our page of us boys having a good time at the wedding! I’ll be leaving the Facebook page in the capable hands of Dave and John (Chris is far to cool for Facebook). So drop em a message and have a chat, they will love you for it!

I keep getting asked if I am nervous about getting married and I can honestly say I am not, whether the nerves kick in tomorrow, who knows, but for now I am more excited than anything! It’s going to be a happy day, just what everyone needs from time to time as we all know that life likes to throw a rate wobbly don’t it.

So for a few weeks it’s tarra from me, see you soon… behave yourselves while I’m gone won’t you! (aimed at the boys).

Joey x

Grafters… Album is out 22/08/17

Life is really very good at the moment, there is just so much going on! As you probably know I’m getting married to my lovely Ellie a week tomorrow so it’s all hands on deck in regards to that! Really excited about it! Of course we will be going on our honey moon straight after so we have been cramming in as much 5th Order work as possible before the fortnight off.

We had two really great practice sessions this week, we are really starting to make progress now. The previous sessions have been more about getting used to playing to the click tracks and actually getting the songs learnt. We have that more or less smashed now so we are starting to get our groove on and are beginning to enjoy playing the songs much more. Can you believe we have over half the album rehearsed now! My particular favourite to play at the moment is ‘Motion Owl’, you can really put some passion into the song whilst performing it, as a band we are loving it. This week we started a couple of new ones such as Chris’s ‘Doubt it’, a great, dark number that really is a beast to play. I think Chris is happy to finally get a go at singing something of his own. Rehearsing is so enjoyable now, as soon a we finish a song there is a resounding “Fuck yeah” from each of us. Morale is definitely up this week, we feel that we are really growing as musicians, the tightness is scary as Dave says!

We are close to the online release of our album ‘Motion Owl’! It will go live on all major online music services such as Itunes, Amazon, Google play, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so on. We would really appreciate your support, we need as much online traffic as we can to really get a buzz going! For you streamers, we wouls be very grateful if you could leave us a review of the album once it’s out and same goes for our current release ‘Fairy Lights in Summer’.

I’ll drop in next week just before the big day!

Peace man!

Joey x

Joey’s Stag day out!

First of all I’d like to apologies for not posting yesterday, unfortunately I received the desperately sad news about the passing of my grandmother, Dotty. We were very close, she was one of my best friends and will definitely miss winding her up! So today I’m feeling a bit raw but the show must go on!

Anyway, onto this weeks blog! On Monday we ventured down Nottingham to celebrate my stag. Myself, Chris, Dave, Ollie, Andy, my Dad, Rob, Liam and Merv had an absolutely brilliant day on the piss – obviously. Chris, being my best man had the pub crawl itinerary all planned out…predominantly whetherspoons. He’s knows that we are all tight fuckers like he is. The only time that we ventured from said itinerary is when old boy Merv suggested that we pop in and have one in the ‘Coach & Horses’. He said “oh its great in there, very lively, good atmosphere and karaoke and that.” Well, we went for it didn’t we. Quickest pint I’ve ever had! Rob said “It’s permanently 10pm on a Saturday in here!” Bare in mind that it was 4pm on a Monday! Us folk that work are obviously doing it all wrong. The day went on and we got through every spoons in Notts, steadily getting more and more hammered. John smiths turned into Gin and then that turned into rum. Oh how I love rum. Me and Liam drank enough to match Captain Jack Sparrow. It went on and on until we ended up breaking into song “Let’s Mervin Gay and get it on”.

Lets call it a night then boys! 😉

Lots of stuff happening band wise, more rehearsals coming up and we are going to be doing a run a t-shirts! Comment on the post on our page to get your name down for one! I best get one!

We are so grateful for you guys sharing our content! Please keep it up! It means a heck of a lot to us.

Have a great weekend guys!

Joey x

Blog dedicated to the memory of Dorothy White, gone but never ever forgotten.


Tight as ffff…

Rehearsals are going so well! We are used to playing to a click track now so we are playing very tight! It feels so good to be playing in a band again! Although it’s taken me and Chris sometime to get used to Dave’s stupidly loud drumming! It’s so lovely and quiet on stage when playing as Last Stand so we aren’t used to the bang and crash of Drummer Dave. When we turned up for our first rehearsal and had setup, the very first time dave hit his snare Chris said “I’m pissed off already, it’s too loud!”. We are not Rock n Roll at all are we?! We have suggested many ways to solves this problem, such as rolled up newspaper for drum sticks, rubber cymbals and Dave playing in an entirely different room all together. In ear monitoring is the way forward, back to peaceful bliss.

I’ve been asked many times, will 5th Order gig? The answer is, we hope so! When we are fully rehearsed and ready we will rock it. We cannot wait for this! Another question is “Will Last Stand stop gigging?” and the answer is no! Last Stand is so good and we love it, it’s our lively hood too, pays the mortgage etc. 5th Order shows will work around Last Stand until ‘If’ shit gets serious, then things may change.

We are on a jolly boys outing next week for my Stag do, all day on the mild down Notts. No bloody nightclubs or tying me up to a lamp post naked thank you! Nice and civil please boys! Again, so rock n roll hey!

I’m sure there will be lots of pictures posted on our page so keep an eye out.

Right, I’m off to get ready, local show at the Bentink in Kirkby tonight with Last Stand. Come and join us, we shall be rocking it up a bit!

In a bit ducks,

Joey x

ps… A quick shout to Yusten, The Music Guru, your copy of the album is on it’s way to you!

The 5th Order Studio Experience.

Another gloomy morning in ‘darkest’ Nottinghamshire – it’s nearly July apparently! Ah but the rain will not deter me from telling you about our studio time for the album ‘Motion Owl’. So, with the curtains still drawn, still tucked up in bed with a shih tzu across my legs, we begin.

Having nailed down the ultimate compromise with the Mrs regarding the choice of our new laptop (Macbook Pro; Superb for producing music and she thinks it looks pretty) We had the basis of our recording studio. It’s a simple studio set up, but does the job and leaves just enough room on my desk for a coaster and the biscuit barrel (for when Chris comes round).

Let work commence! We had 13 or so songs written and ready to go so we recorded basic demo’s of each of them, listened to them a heck of a lot to try and get an idea of where they would go or where they wouldn’t. Two of the songs didn’t make it sadly. They just didn’t cut it. Thats how writing goes though, for every good few songs you write you also write some right old shite! I must say though that the two ‘dead’ songs have been recycled into another great song for the *cough* second album maybe baby?

The demo’s that had survived were then used as guides for the actual recordings of the songs, for endless overdubbing, chopping and changing. I find that recording and mixing vocals is the hardest part of any project, many would probably agree. Getting vocal to sit in the right place in the mix is a delicate balancing act. I got it wrong a lot of the time and it was up to Chris to moan at me repeatedly “that lead vocal is ripping my face off!”.

On the subject of recording vocal… Myself and Chris had finished all of the recording parts and had drummer Dave round to have a listen to the first draft of the mixes. “Dave, I’ve heard you sing, why don’t you sing a few lines on that last song?” Asked Chris. Oh the beauty that unfolded from there! Dave is a master at singing – but only when he’s taking the piss. It’s strange, you whack Michael Jackson on and he will sing like a bird, all the lyrics, phrasing and pitching is perfect. Now, chuck him in front of a microphone and it all goes tits up. Fucking hell, me and Chris were listening from the ‘control room’ and could not contain ourselves. The combination of Dave’s over emotive singing face and the Tarzan like notes coming out of his gob were too much for us! On dave’s vocal track, the recorder picked up a tiny squeal in the background of Chris absolutely howling ‘ooooohhh maa ribs’. I know, I know it sounds like me and Chris are horrible bully’s but we are all mates and good mates take the piss don’t they? Thats what they are for, right? Dave finished his nine hundred takes and walked back into the room as we were still wiping the happy tears from our eyes. Needless to say I left Dave’s vocal on the track, it’s extremely low and you’ll need bat ears to hear it, but it is there.

Chris loved playing with our little midi keyboard, you can play and record any sound you can think of. From the standard piano to a cat in a washing machine, literally anything goes. When it came to the production of our songs, the midi keyboard would always push the biscuit barrel out of it’s place, and would have Chris hammering away at the keys over and over and over until he got the sound he wanted and until he could actually play the little ditty he had in mind. His little ditties on Kids and Rising up are amazing, they make the songs! Getting there though was a long and frustrating process, to the point of wanting to chuck said keyboard out the fucking window. If either of us were to hit one more wrong note and have to do another take it would have been good night Vienna.

Mixing the album was a long slog, the hardest part. Three of us sat in the studio trying to make sense of all these sounds (cat in a washing machine) flying at us. We must have done about four different mixes of each song until we got them right. The biggest difficulty is getting a great sounding studio mix to translate well to say a car stereo or headphones, it’s all a compromise I guess.

So theres a little insight into our enjoyable, frustrating and overall productive time in the studio. The Official release for the album will be sometime in August (will confirm).

To see Dave doing his superb MJ impersonation, got to our Facebook page and give it a like! Click HERE!

I’ll drop in same time next week,

Joey x