5th Order, a 3 piece, post-punk/alternative band from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. The band formed in October 2016 and began to write and record their debut album ‘Motion Owl’ whichΒ is available to pre – order from the SHOP.

Joey Slack and the two brothers, Chris and David Berridge have worked together for many years on several projects – but nothing like this one. Their music is exciting, unique, itΒ nods acknowledgement to the past without taking from it.

They are so excited to show the world what they have created, all of it being homemade whether it be artwork, recording or mastering. Every single aspect of this band has been created by the band members themselves.

5th Order take pride in their local heritage, all of their promotional photographs, artwork and music videos feature famous local landmarks such as Newstead Abbey and Sherwood Forest – the home of the Legendary Robin Hood.