Let the Owl fly! Motion Owl Out Now!

We are so immensely proud to say that our debut album, Motion Owl, is out and available to the whole entire world thanks to modern technology and distribution companies. This time last year we would have never thought that we’d have a proper, actual album out so this is pretty special for us. To be able to share music that you have created, and have people dig it, is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

The whole process up to this point has been so much fun, creating this album was a joy! The hard part comes now, pushing it!

We need you guys more than ever now, I know that we all have little time but we would be so grateful if you would at least just have a nosey onto the iTunes page and listen to the previews. If you like it, and but it, we will literally be your family forever!

You can also stream the album on all major streaming sites (apple music, Spotify). If you do so, we’d absolutely love it if you could follow us and leave comments on our music!

Biggest of all is SHARE SHARE SHARE! It’s absolutely free to do so and takes approximately 6 seconds! This is the most important and helpful thing you can do for us! Getting music in front of new faces is hard, but if we all share it we will be onto a winner!

We have some huge news coming in the next few weeks, but you will have to wait for now… Keep your eyes peeled like little potatoes.

Right, I’d better go, got some t-shirts to design!

Joey x




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