Squeaky Bum Time

It’s often been said that I’d make somebody a great husband with my awesome domestic skills and now it’s time to make that official. As of tomorrow I’ll be made an honest man and will be married to our Ellie. Time has a got a rocket up its arse, I can’t believe how fast everything has come around!

5th Order wise, everything is wrapped up nicely and we’ve ended on a huge high, our last band practise was incredibly good! We are on a break for a while now with the wedding happening tomorrow and then a two week honeymoon. Don’t worry though, I am almost certain there will be lots of pics uploaded to our page of us boys having a good time at the wedding! I’ll be leaving the Facebook page in the capable hands of Dave and John (Chris is far to cool for Facebook). So drop em a message and have a chat, they will love you for it!

I keep getting asked if I am nervous about getting married and I can honestly say I am not, whether the nerves kick in tomorrow, who knows, but for now I am more excited than anything! It’s going to be a happy day, just what everyone needs from time to time as we all know that life likes to throw a rate wobbly don’t it.

So for a few weeks it’s tarra from me, see you soon… behave yourselves while I’m gone won’t you! (aimed at the boys).

Joey x

1 Comment

  1. Have a fantastic day all of you , a good day is exactly what you all need now . Congratulations to you both in advance and av a great honeymoon . Yayyyyyyy Stephi will soon b a grandma again !!!! … 🤞🤞🤞🤣🤣🤣. Have fun Mr n Mrs Slack 💞💙 love Don Don


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